How to Deal with Setbacks: Life + Inspiration with Liselle Kiss

Whenever there are setbacks, there are 3 ways to set the record straight:

1) Don't be hard on yourself for the setback:

We all make mistakes, and when its beyond our control, we can only look at ourselves in the mirror and blame that person. However, know that this isn't what you are, its only the situation.

2) Change something:
In physics, a moving object doesn't stop in space, unless another object stops it. When you feel stuck, it only means that you have to create inertia, energy, anything, to move your feeling of "stuck" in a new direction. Do something that counters the hidden object thats in your way. Even feeling positive, or "unstuck" can create new opportunities that you didn't think of to fix the situation.

3) Set the record Straight
What new rules do you have to place in your life, so that whenever this setback happens, you can Quickly and Efficiently deal with it? Yes, you were caught off guard, but what can you do to positively bounce quickly from this?

Xoxo, Liselle Kiss 👜

of the Liselle Kiss & Fly Club

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