How To Elevate Your Positive Mindset in 3 steps: 🤗

How To Elevate Your Positive Mindset in 3 steps: 🤗
#1: Try to create a positive mindset first thing in the morning. 🌻 Block early morning negative thoughts as quickly as possible. Instead of your morning Covid-19 daily news, try to listen to a positive audio, happy music, pray, or meditate to get your mindset in a good mood. 😊
#2: Try to lower sugar intake: Recently I have been on the Keto diet, and it has really changed my life and eating habits. You can check out some recipes me and my husband created on @theketokiss on Instagram. Believe it or not, less sugar can provide you more energy as your body will use your body fat for energy vs. that regular carb pastry that gets you going!
#3: Envision your future positive life through exercise.😃 Focus your mind through exercise. 😎 When I visualize what I want while I work out, it's another level of manifesting my good things in my life to create exactly what I desire. I thank God for what he has done, and I carry on! 🤩
What do you do, to stay positive?
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