How to Manifest to Get What You Want

 Here are my 3 tested rules of getting what you want:
1. Write it down. 🙌 Did you know that writing down your thoughts improve focus and memory. If what you want is embedded in your brain, there are higher chances that you'll recognize opportunity when you SEE it. This has to be purposeful.

2. Imagine the Outcome. 🌍 # The bible says that "Where there is no vision, the people perish. " Have you been so caught up with your life that you forgot to see what a month, a year, or 10 years look like to you? Can you try to visualize your next 5 minutes?

3. You can specifically manifest things, opportunities, and circumstances, but you cannot control a person's actions. 😁 God has given people free-will for a reason. He doesn't try to control people, so what can we humans do? Try to avoid being disappointed by a specific person by specifically manifesting a situation, a circumstance, a thing, and it will happen as long as you visualize in bite sizes!

I hope this helps you! ❤
I have an in-depth course on this subject within the Liselle Kiss & Fly Club community on

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