The Story

I created this bag out of necessity.

I couldn't find a NEW cute designer handbag that I loved.

Everything looked the same.

Rectangle, plain smooth cheap leather(ish?) material, overused logo,

or just a design that literally looked like it was from 100 years ago... 

And Who am I? I'm Liselle Kiss, an alumni of Parsons School of Design. I ran into Zac Posen in the elevator walking to class, as he was making his way into our school auditorium to film Project Runway. I also attended parties and events which included Tim Gunn, Narciso Rodriguez, Victoria Beckham.. the list goes on.

- oh and this private school had amazing sushi chefs, and, of course, the best fashion shows.

Being an alumni from a glamourous school, comes with a price. 

The responsibility to design for the future. Your future.

I felt that NOW, is the time to design the most powerful, yet beautiful

sustainable designer handbag for you. 

As an up and coming designer, I, Liselle Kiss, need to make sure that your handbag is made in America, specifically New York, one-at-a-time. 

Making your Liselle Kiss® bag when you order stands up against the FAST-Fashion pollution problem.

Most fast-fashion brands destroy their unsold inventory, which is the second cause of pollution in the world, second to oil.

To avoid this, each Liselle Kiss® bag is made only when pre-ordered.

In other words, a Liselle Kiss ® handbag is released to a private waiting list only 4 times a year.

Other cool things that I added to this design is some real GOLD.

An 18 Karat gold plated logo to be exact.  

The signature Liselle Kiss ® Scallop Edge design is inspired by the strength of the Spanish Roof Tile, which I've seen withstand the power of hurricanes, as I've lived through Hurricanes Katrina and Wilma, growing up in Miami.

The front pockets represents the elegance of flower petals. 

Combined is what I call, Flower Power, which is why I call it The First Kiss. 

Yes, I know... I'm obsessed with this bag design too.

I also made sure that your pre-order would help plant 3 trees in Madagascar to offset that fast-fashion pollution. 

I even made sure that this bag will be Your Every Day Bag.

It can be worn in 4 ways (follow me on Instagram to see how) so that you NEVER have to choose between a gala and brunch again! 

And lastly, I want to make sure that you KNOW, that when you wear a Liselle Kiss ®,

you KNOW you just helped someone across the globe

who will be free from human trafficking.

10% of your pre-order purchase does all that!

Look, most people are unaware about this situation or

simply unaware of what to wear tomorrow....

So I'll dress you. Imagine that you KNOW what you will wear tomorrow, AND  what a Liselle Kiss® handbag can do for the world.

You will be the most beautiful fashion activist I've ever seen! ❤🌳👜

Introducing, the First Kiss Handbag Collection by your new favorite designer, Liselle Kiss®

British Vogue emailed me, so I must be doing something right!

Be sure to sign up for my waiting list 

before you leave my site, love!

- Liselle Kiss 👄